April was a pretty great month.

27 May

I thought it’d be a good idea for me to chronicle all the good things that happened in April before the end of May (when I hope to chronicle all the good things that happened this month).  So, better late than never!

April was a pretty fantastic month mostly because CK spoiled me both for Mother’s Day weekend and because he was home for 7 days straight because of the Easter school closures! 

1 – Oh, what a fabulous first day of April!  No fooling around here!  CK brought sweet flowers home and I got my first Mother’s Day card (as Mother’s Day in the UK is linked to Lent and therefore never falls on the same weekend as in the US).  There were sweet coupons in the card (that I’ve been holding on to!) for bathroom cleanings and leaving work early!  He also brought home ice cream and we watched the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which we both loved and still don’t understand why it got so much criticism).  Oh, and to top it all off?  Sweet, silly Simon laughed out loud.  Whew!  What a great day, right?

2 – CK cooked bacon and pancakes and Simon gave me a sweet Mother’s Day card with four Divine chocolate bars.  AND, we FINALLY got around to hanging things in the bedroom and I organized Simon’s bookshelf.  It was a gloriously relaxing-while-still-being-productive day!

3 – My first Mother’s Day!  CK got up early allowing me to sleep in until 9 am!  He cooked another fabulous breakfast.  I got sweet Mother’s Day presents and we had lunch at a couple’s house after church during which Simon behaved beautifully!

4 – The grocery delivery was 20 minutes early!  This NEVER happens.  It usually arrives at the very last minute of the two hour delivery window.

5 – CK got a paper accepted for publication!  After speaking with the Home Office, we figured out how to apply for Simon’s immigration documents in the US *huge sigh of relief AND savings!*.

6 – I got 101 free prints from Shutterfly and we had brie for dinner.  Oh, and my new wet bag arrived.

7 – I captured Simon demonstrating his latest skill (foot grabbing).  Simon got his final round of immunizations until his first birthday and I was able to wear him in the Sleepy Wrap the entire time (which meant he did just fine).  He was asleep by 7:45!

8 – Worked on and finished up a mini scrapbook for my mom and Simon took all his naps in the Sleepy Wrap.

9 – Went to Toys R Us and bought Simon the LeapFrog caterpillar.

10 – Simon went in the Johnny Jump Up for the first time and seemed to enjoy it.  I had a delicious salmon and brie sandwich for lunch after church.

11 – Art work ordered from etsy arrived!

12 – My friend Susanne took Simon and me to Dinton Pastures for a walk and nice lunch in their cafe.  Then we had tea and chocolates at her house.

13 – The weather turned chilly again and I got a call from my friend Karen who shared the name of her daughter due in August.

14 – Went into campus to have lunch with CK and then a purple-y family photo shoot in the campus gardens.

15 – Went to Woodley where I got pictures printed (always fun!) and was finally able to put together my Mother’s Day frame present.  Found a wonderful book for CK for an Easter present and an entire season of The West Wing for just £2.99 at Oxfam.  CK brought fish + chips home for dinner!

16 – Enjoyed a lazy Saturday which included a bacon and egg breakfast and enough time in my office to make CK a special mini scrapbook and card to surprise him when he went away for a conference.

17 – We had brie for dinner (always a highlight for me!).

18 –  CK left for a conference and Simon and I walked him to the bus stop (which isn’t the good thing about today).  On our way home from the bus stop, we went in a charity shop where I found a cute Hawaiian shirt for Simon for a mere 79p.  Then, Simon and I took a three hour nap together.

19 – Took a 2.5 hour nap with Simon and gave him a bath all by myself!

20 – CK got  back from his conference!  Yay!  I finally reached the bottom of the laundry basket and I found out The Help was made into a movie!

21 – Simon’s passport arrived (at long last!!).

22 – Did lots of organizing and rearranging at home in the morning and then went into town where I got a peacock folder and some scrapbooking supplies.

23 – Took the train to Oxford and had a wonderful time!  Lunch at The Eagle and Child, a decadent block of fudge, books at Blackwells, pastries from Patisserie Valerie, and brie for dinner!

24 – Easter Sunday!  CK surprised me with a wonderful Flannery O’Connor book I didn’t even know existed.

25 – Easter Monday which CK had off.  Even though Simon was super fussy all day long, we had a nice time together watching lots of The West Wing.

26 – Slept in a bit because CK got up with Simon.  We went into Woodley where I scored a peacock shirt from a charity shop.

27 – A box from my mom arrived and Simon sat unassisted for the first time.  Among the box’s treasures were a cute bunny outfit and Simon the chipmunk.

28 – Pay day!

29 – CK had the day off because of the Royal Wedding (which we caught the tail end of).  Bought paint for the kitchen and living room and ate at McDonald’s.

30 – Went to Dinton Pastures together where we had a wonderful lunch in the cafe.


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2 responses to “April was a pretty great month.

  1. Matthew

    May 27, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    WOW! The way you tell the story of April with pictures and such great descriptions, I want to go back in time and do it again (except this time I’d leave out the conference!). I can discern so much change in sweet Simon from just those few weeks ago! He is a growing boy, isn’t he? I cannot wait to see what we do next month as that should be an exciting one to write about. We also need to cram in a bit more fun before the end of May arrives!!!


  2. Karen

    June 3, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Glad I made the list. Great to hear all is going well. Looks like we won’t be coming your way, but we’ll see what happens next.


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