10 on the 10th

11 Jan

I didn’t make any concrete resolutions for 2013.  I wanted to and intended to, but I realized I could set myself up for more success if I just set some goals.  In no particular order, here are ten goals for this new year.

1. Become more organized.  Lately, I’ve been a bit unhappy.  I’ve been extremely overwhelmed and in a recent conversation with Matt (on New Year’s Day of all days!), I came to the realization that a lot of my unhappiness and feeling overwhelmed stems from disorganization.  We moved in to our apartment in February of last year.  There are still many boxes piled high in several closets (and to be clear, this is a super spacious apartment with super spacious closets!).  Enough already!  The boxes in our closets are just the tip of the organizational iceberg that I hope to tackle all throughout 2013.  It’s not going to be easy because finding time to do anything is hard with two children, but thankfully, I have a super supportive husband who is totally on board Project Organization.  My word for 2013 is definitely organize.

2. Become more involved in church.  We started attending our church last February when we first moved to Gainesville.  Simon started attending the preschool there in September and while I joined a weekly Bible study and MOPS at our church, we still kind of felt unconnected.  In December, we had Gideon baptized and we became official members.  We joined a Sunday school class just last week and Matt started going to a Bible study at our church’s midweek service.  I’m still going to the weekly morning study and to MOPS and I think we are both beginning to feel “plugged in.”  I’m hoping we will say yes to more opportunities to get involved.

3. Make a few healthier choices.  I only gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy with Simon and I essentially lost it all by the time I left the hospital with him in my arms.  When I was pregnant with Gideon, well, I stopped keeping count of the pounds added after they reached 40. I’m sure it was a combination of factors: second baby, we lived back in the US and didn’t have to walk everywhere, I didn’t eat as healthily as I did during my first pregnancy, and I had access to EVERYTHING since I was back in the US (like peanut butter M&Ms).  Anyway, I have not lost much of those extra 40 pounds and while I don’t want to diet and am not going to head outside or to a gym to seriously exercise anytime soon, I would like to make some healthier choices …. every now and then.  I think I’ll still need some peanut butter M&Ms, but hopefully I will end this year healthier than I am at its start.

4. Get started on Project Life.  I have grand plans.  I want to do baby editions for each boy, I want to do an annual family album, I want to do a few mini albums for special things (like Simon’s second birthday trip to Disney).  As it’s the 10th, I am already falling behind on a yearly album, so as all the supplies already sit on my bookshelf, I need to start on the main album first.

5. Be more intentional about keeping in touch.  I used to fancy myself a pretty good letter writer, but I cannot remember the last letter I wrote.  I miss it.  I miss the way letter writing was intentional — so much more so than composing an email or a text message.  Even more intentional, in some ways, than a phone call.  I have good friends who I, sadly, know very little about now because I’ve been out of touch for far too long.  So, I’m hoping to be better about keeping in touch this year.  Write more letters.  Send more cards.  Maybe make a phone call or two (I hate the phone).

6. Choose joy.  Often I forget that happiness and joy are choices.  There are so many moments in every single day when I despair and feel like I’m running head first into “the darkness,” and I’m hoping to stop myself in a few of those moments and consciously choose joy instead.  Because there is so much I have to be thankful for.

7. Blog a bit more.  After nearly 2 years, so much has been left undocumented.  I like writing in this space because I like to remember what I was thinking or what I did.  I hate that I didn’t make the time to blog more during Simon’s first year.  And I didn’t blog AT ALL during his second year.  Now, we’re in his third year and we’ve added Gideon to our family.  There are just so many things I don’t want to forget.

8. Use my cookbooks some.  I am just going to say it: I hate to cook.  I don’t like the planning, the shopping, the preparing, the actual cooking, and all the stress over things not turning out like the photos.  I’ve tried to like it, I really have.  Maybe one day I truly will like to cook.  But the time is not now.  However, I have a couple lovely cookbooks that I do enjoy looking through and reading and I want to be more intentional about trying a few of the recipes out even if they end up not looking quite like the photos.

9. Be a bit better with keeping up with Bible study homework.  There’s homework each week for both our Sunday school class and my Tuesday morning women’s Bible.  It’s hard to make time for the reading and the journaling, but I know it’s important.  When I manage to complete the homework, I’m overjoyed because I’ve learned so much and I feel good about myself at the completion of a seemingly impossible amount of work!

10. Spend less on Amazon this year!  This should be a pretty easily attainable goal.  I’m not going to disclose the exact amount spent on Amazon in 2012, but it was pretty shocking when I added it all up on December 31 … before placing one-last-hurrah order!  I very nearly resolved to not buy ANY books for either kiddo in the year 2013, but come on.  That would’ve been setting myself up for failure.  I do, however, want to spend less in general this year and by severely limiting myself on Amazon, I’m well on my way.

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