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May’s Good Things

1 – Finally begun ordering hard copies of photos from Snapfish. Novemeber and December done = 342 prints!

2 – Bank Holiday! We had a nice breakfast, walked to a nearby nature reserve, had brie for dinner, and Simon rolled from his back to his belly!

3 – Organized Simon’s dresser (which made me super happy) and Simon showed off for Grandma on Skype and rolled from back to belly.

4 – CK brought home special treats for me: ice cream and Coke!

5 – My 342 photos from Snapfish arrived! I spent a bit of time in my office organizing shelves and hanging pictures.

6 – CK brought me pretty flowers home AND fish and chips!

7 – Simon gave me some candy in honor of US Mother’s Day, we painted the living room purple, and it rained!

8 – US Mother’s Day and CK showered me with peacock gifts. Hung things on our purple walls and CK’s cousin came to visit for the afternoon.

9 – Mother’s Day card arrived from my mom with some scrapbooking supplies and I decided to complete a photo edit challenge a blog I read hosted (which I later won!!).

10 – Had time to create a scrapbook page after CK came home from work and totally destroyed my tidy office (it was well worth it).  We enjoyed tacos for dinner.

11 – I took a delicious afternoon nap with my boy and after CK came home from work, I scrapped a page.

12 – CK brought me ice cream home.

13 – Went into campus to have lunch with CK and afterwards had a little photo shoot in the garden (which yielded lots of nice shots!) AND he left work and came home with us!

14 – Took a train into nearby Wokingham where we had wonderful sandwiches (mine was bacon and brie!). I went to the charity shops, had a nice rose cupcake, and we ended the afternoon with hot chocolate.

15 – Went to Pret a Manger for the first time after church where we had delicious sandwiches and Simon sat in a high chair for the first time (though he didn’t eat anything).

16 – It must’ve been a slow day because the good thing I have written down in my date book is, “Felt good about cooking dinner.” Ha!

17 – I found out I won the photo edit contest, CK brought me a Snickers ice cream bar home, and he put Simon to bed all by himself.

18 – Another ice cream treat and another night of Daddy putting Simon to bed.

19 – I spoke with my friend Sharon and asked her and her husband to be Simon’s godparents as CK and I decided to have him baptised when we go home.

20 – CK took the morning off and we went to Woodley to take care of some banking business. We had THE BEST experience at HSBC (we’re still kicking ourselves we didn’t start out banking with them when we arrived) and had THE BEST lunch at Gregg’s (bacon + cheese twist and a fresh cream apple danish).

21 – Simon turned 6 months and we celebrated by introducing him to food. He “ate” an apple on Skype and my mom got to be part of the experience, too!

22 – We went to a couple’s home for lunch after church. Lunch was delicious, the company was great, and we were sent home with beautiful peonies and roses from their garden.

23 – CK brought me a Coke and an ice cream bar (this has been a very indulgent month).

24 – Bob Dylan’s Birthday! Simon fell asleep on my lap as I watched Bob videos on YouTube.

25 – Simon began to smile every time I sang “You Are My Sunshine” and just when I thought I was finished with Glee, they sand “For Good” and I cried and cried.

26 – Simon took a 3 hour nap in my arms. So sweet.

27 – I put Simon in the Sleepy Wrap and walked around reading to him from my Flannery O’Connor biography. And, I saw a tooth bud.

28 – Went to a National Trust property, The Vyne, where we got in for free! We enjoyed nice cake in their cafe and a nice, cool walk through the woods. On our way home, we stopped in Sainsbury’s (a grocery store) where we unexpectedly found the perfect little outfit for Simon to wear for his dedication.

29 – Simon’s dedication. It was perfect and lovely and the three couples who mean the most to us were there and all involved in some way. They had even gone through the trouble of making a special surprise cake for us.

30 – Bank Holiday! We spent the day in town where I was trying to find something to wear (fail). Instead, I bought CK a Father’s Day present!! We had a wonderful lunch at the Forbury Hotel and a fabulous piece of cheesecake and delicious hot chocolate at a great coffee shop that somehow manages to stay in business even though it shares a corner with both Starbucks and Costa.

31 – Went to Woodley and had another pleasant banking experience. Got Green & Black chocolates on sale at Waitrose.


April was a pretty great month.

I thought it’d be a good idea for me to chronicle all the good things that happened in April before the end of May (when I hope to chronicle all the good things that happened this month).  So, better late than never!

April was a pretty fantastic month mostly because CK spoiled me both for Mother’s Day weekend and because he was home for 7 days straight because of the Easter school closures! 

1 – Oh, what a fabulous first day of April!  No fooling around here!  CK brought sweet flowers home and I got my first Mother’s Day card (as Mother’s Day in the UK is linked to Lent and therefore never falls on the same weekend as in the US).  There were sweet coupons in the card (that I’ve been holding on to!) for bathroom cleanings and leaving work early!  He also brought home ice cream and we watched the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which we both loved and still don’t understand why it got so much criticism).  Oh, and to top it all off?  Sweet, silly Simon laughed out loud.  Whew!  What a great day, right?

2 – CK cooked bacon and pancakes and Simon gave me a sweet Mother’s Day card with four Divine chocolate bars.  AND, we FINALLY got around to hanging things in the bedroom and I organized Simon’s bookshelf.  It was a gloriously relaxing-while-still-being-productive day!

3 – My first Mother’s Day!  CK got up early allowing me to sleep in until 9 am!  He cooked another fabulous breakfast.  I got sweet Mother’s Day presents and we had lunch at a couple’s house after church during which Simon behaved beautifully!

4 – The grocery delivery was 20 minutes early!  This NEVER happens.  It usually arrives at the very last minute of the two hour delivery window.

5 – CK got a paper accepted for publication!  After speaking with the Home Office, we figured out how to apply for Simon’s immigration documents in the US *huge sigh of relief AND savings!*.

6 – I got 101 free prints from Shutterfly and we had brie for dinner.  Oh, and my new wet bag arrived.

7 – I captured Simon demonstrating his latest skill (foot grabbing).  Simon got his final round of immunizations until his first birthday and I was able to wear him in the Sleepy Wrap the entire time (which meant he did just fine).  He was asleep by 7:45!

8 – Worked on and finished up a mini scrapbook for my mom and Simon took all his naps in the Sleepy Wrap.

9 – Went to Toys R Us and bought Simon the LeapFrog caterpillar.

10 – Simon went in the Johnny Jump Up for the first time and seemed to enjoy it.  I had a delicious salmon and brie sandwich for lunch after church.

11 – Art work ordered from etsy arrived!

12 – My friend Susanne took Simon and me to Dinton Pastures for a walk and nice lunch in their cafe.  Then we had tea and chocolates at her house.

13 – The weather turned chilly again and I got a call from my friend Karen who shared the name of her daughter due in August.

14 – Went into campus to have lunch with CK and then a purple-y family photo shoot in the campus gardens.

15 – Went to Woodley where I got pictures printed (always fun!) and was finally able to put together my Mother’s Day frame present.  Found a wonderful book for CK for an Easter present and an entire season of The West Wing for just £2.99 at Oxfam.  CK brought fish + chips home for dinner!

16 – Enjoyed a lazy Saturday which included a bacon and egg breakfast and enough time in my office to make CK a special mini scrapbook and card to surprise him when he went away for a conference.

17 – We had brie for dinner (always a highlight for me!).

18 –  CK left for a conference and Simon and I walked him to the bus stop (which isn’t the good thing about today).  On our way home from the bus stop, we went in a charity shop where I found a cute Hawaiian shirt for Simon for a mere 79p.  Then, Simon and I took a three hour nap together.

19 – Took a 2.5 hour nap with Simon and gave him a bath all by myself!

20 – CK got  back from his conference!  Yay!  I finally reached the bottom of the laundry basket and I found out The Help was made into a movie!

21 – Simon’s passport arrived (at long last!!).

22 – Did lots of organizing and rearranging at home in the morning and then went into town where I got a peacock folder and some scrapbooking supplies.

23 – Took the train to Oxford and had a wonderful time!  Lunch at The Eagle and Child, a decadent block of fudge, books at Blackwells, pastries from Patisserie Valerie, and brie for dinner!

24 – Easter Sunday!  CK surprised me with a wonderful Flannery O’Connor book I didn’t even know existed.

25 – Easter Monday which CK had off.  Even though Simon was super fussy all day long, we had a nice time together watching lots of The West Wing.

26 – Slept in a bit because CK got up with Simon.  We went into Woodley where I scored a peacock shirt from a charity shop.

27 – A box from my mom arrived and Simon sat unassisted for the first time.  Among the box’s treasures were a cute bunny outfit and Simon the chipmunk.

28 – Pay day!

29 – CK had the day off because of the Royal Wedding (which we caught the tail end of).  Bought paint for the kitchen and living room and ate at McDonald’s.

30 – Went to Dinton Pastures together where we had a wonderful lunch in the cafe.


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It’s the little (good) things…March edition.

An internet friend posts a list of daily good things at the end of every month and I decided to join her for March.  It’s no secret that CK and I long to move our lives and family back to the US and so often I dwell on that — complaining and longing for what I see others doing through their blogs and Facebook updates.  I decided it was high time I knock it off (or at least try to) and try to focus on what good we have in our lives right now.  So, here is a list of little good things that happened in March — may it serve as a reminder to me how much I have to be thankful for, how much my life is actually filled with good things even though it’s missing a Target and root beer.

1: My mom, brother, and I began our joint 365 picture project and I used my cupcake maker. 

2: I won an eBay auction that I really wanted and the weather was good enough to take a stroll in the backyard once CK got home from work.

3: I went back to Time Out (women’s group at church) for the first time since Simon was born (where many women told me what I already knew, that I have one cute baby!) and had a fun time in town with my boy afterwards.  Also, CK got another paper accepted for publication!

4: Simon rolled over for the first time and we went into campus to have lunch with CK.  After lunch, we walked around the lake and CK surprised us and left work early.

5: We made our way to Costco.  We joined and then pigged out in their café American style and bought in bulk, feeling more grown up than ever.

6: Simon let us sleep in a bit so we ended up staying home from church and had a lazy day.  I was able to spend a bit of time in my office crafting.

7: A biggie — bought our plane tickets for our trip home this summer!  Spent a lot of time organizing photos on Flickr and it felt great.

8: Went out with my friend, Susanne, to Dinton Pastures where we walked around a lake and had lunch in their café.  Then, she took me to Costco where I filled a shopping cart with lots of good things!

Laundry detergent and rice in bulk = favorite purchases.

9: I used the cupcake maker again to make pumpkin cupcakes for Time Out and Matt took Simon out for the first time without me – down to the corner shop for some butter.

Ready to go out together!

10: I shared my pumpkin cupcakes at Time Out where five were eaten (I was a bit nervous that none would be eaten because the English don’t do pumpkin).  I bought patterned toilet paper and got Simon’s super cute passport and visa pictures taken care of.

I'm so glad he'll be stuck with this photograph for the next five years.

11: FINALLY got to the bottom of the laundry hamper (it was a three month process, no lie) and took a three hour nap with my baby.

12: Matt made a glorious breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast and hash browns and pumpkin cupcakes.  Walked to Tesco where we bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts and our baby his first teething toy.

13: Simon slept for 8 hours straight (first time ever, and little did we know it’d be the last).

14: I took a three hour nap with my boy (I guess with a baby, one’s “good things” will often include sleep!).

15: We made our way to London and had a wonderfully delicious Thai dinner with Matt’s cousin, Stephanie.  We snacked on Combos and almonds and watched Jersey Shore, took glorious showers in Stephanie’s amazing bathroom, and slept in her very comfy bed.

Setting out for our first 24 hours away from home...with just the Sleepy Wrap.

16: We made our boy an American at the embassy and celebrated with Stephanie over “salt beef” sandwiches, gherkins, and ice cold Coke at a New York style deli in London.

Our little American, appropriately dressed.

17: Simon and I took a two hour and then I discovered that Coke Zero tastes just about as good as the real thing.

18: Simon spent much of the day napping, I watched two episodes of Glee, and CK brought home a delicious, though greasy, dinner of fish and chips.

19: Simon took a 5 hour nap!! and CK figured out how to unlock our DVD player allowing us to watch both region 1 and 2 DVDs.  We celebrated by watching the series finale of Dawson’s Creek that my mom picked up for a bargain and a joke. 

20: Stayed home from church and had another lazy (kind of sick) day.  We spent the whole day watching and pausing Food, Inc. and I made banana muffins.

21: Simon turned 4 months and I found a UK company that sells Rockin Green laundry detergent so I ordered some – and a cute cloth diaper with owls!

Dec 21, Jan 21, Feb 21, and Mar 21

22: A box arrived from my mom including lots of good treats!

23: My laundry detergent and cloth diaper arrived!  I took Simon to the doctor who confirmed he was not sick, just teething.

24: I spent the day running back and forth to the bathroom in desperate need of the toilet – that is not my good thing though.  My good thing is that my sweet husband was able to stay home from work and take care of Simon while I slept the day away.

25: I felt much better and Matt brought me home Haagen Dazs ice cream as a surprise!  We kicked off the weekend by watching the best episode of The Office…EVER!

26: Had hash browns for breakfast and watched Amazing Grace together.

27: Enjoyed a Skype conference call with my mom and brother.  Simon stayed in church for the entire service – the first time I didn’t have to leave with him!

28: The sun came out so I was able to dry clothes outside!  And, I took Simon outside for some Bumbo seat time twice.

Enjoying some sun in the backyard.

29: I was able to get a doctor’s appointment same day for my sore throat that’s been lingering for two weeks and my suspected conjunctivitis.  The good thing, really, is that both my prescriptions cleared up my throat and eye lickity split!

30: I watched Mansfield Park while Simon slept in the Sleepy Wrap.

31: One of my best friends joined Facebook!